HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813 for sale

HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813

HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813

Equipment Description

HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813 Hey I’m selling my lightly used acreage Snow Wing blade. Pristine condition, never worked in a commercial setting or beat up. All original parts and fittings. No cracked hoses, leaky fittings or pitted cylinder’s. Always greased and tarped when stored over the summer (and most winters too). The blade is just too large for my driveway/skidsteer and impossible to pile snow in a neat heap. Its good for the road out front with a 13-foot wing span but that’s why I pay taxes to the county. If you want to trade for a box blade/cash I’m open to that idea too. A new blade costs $16,000.00 from HLA in 2021 and this blade is in new condition. The stickers on the blade are still mint from purchase date: that’s how little this unit has been used. Since I still need a snow attachment I would be open to trade with cash for a smaller box blade. Clearing width 96-156 inches https://hlasnow.com/snowwing.php Position both straight and angle. Open from box blade to straight blade and get that extra clearing width on the fly. But it doesn't stop there: The endplates are hydraulically-controlled and equipped with industry-proven rotary actuators, giving limitless control within the massive 180° rotation. This means you can use your blade on an angle with one end open and the other parallel to the direction you are driving. Get closer to buildings and parking stones without risking damage. Then rotate the endplates into a reverse box blade and drag the snow away for full clearing in the tightest of spaces. https://youtu.be/0kwWkByWkUg New snow wing- CAD $14980.00 plus plug and go kit $280.00 plus 90” hose kit $240.00 plus $750 GST $16,240.00 plus delivery.

Condition : Used
Make : HLA
Mileage : 50 km
Equipment: Skid Steer
Date : 04-Nov-21
Price : $11,400.00
Year : 2016

$10,260.00 financed

10% buyback
$10 buyback

Estimated Payments*

$344.98 / month     36 payments
$267.48 / month     48 payments
$221.13 / month     60 payments
$190.35 / month     72 payments

Extended Warranty

Light Duty Warranty 1 – 4.9 Ton

Period Monthly Yearly Hours
12 months $179.17 $2,150.00 2,250
24 months $275.00 $3,300.00 4,500
36 months $341.67 $4,100.00 6,750
No Warranty  
• Engine
• Transmission
• Axel(s)
• Hydrostatics
• Turbo Package
• After

HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813
HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813
HLA Snow Wing Box Blade SB3200W813